Trapping, Rescue and Pet Recovery Service

a 501(c)3, fully volunteer-rUN, ORganization

serving THE Greater Austin, TX AREA

Who We Are + What We Do

  • Serving the Greater Austin, TX community, TRAPRS is a fully volunteer-run 501 (c)3 charity organization with a mission to help humanely trap, rescue and provide strategic consulting to lost or stray pet cases.
  • The specialized team has decades of experience in challenging cases and all things pet-related. From hand catching to complex trapping equipment, the team has dealt with it all is always ready with plans A, B, C and D.
  • TRAPRS was founded on the belief that every pet deserves a chance at a better life. We catch the uncatchable and take an animal from life on the streets to a safe home, turning fear into love.

Lost and Stray Animals

  • If you need assistance, the fastest way to reach the team is via the hotline:
  • 1-844-287-2777
  • or through our Facebook page here.

Please review the details and resources below for our criteria on cases that we accept at this time.

Cases that we can currently assist with

  • Missing pets (cats or dogs) that have had active, recent, or consistent sightings (within the past 72 hours).
    • i.e. a dog is appearing every couple of days at the same spot, a cat has been spotted on a neighbors porch camera last evening, a dog has been had multiple sightings within a general area.
  • Stray animals that are injured, fearful, skittish, that you have contacted 311/Animal Control and they can not assist.
  • Animals that have gone missing as a result of a car accident in the past 24-48 hours
  • Cases local to the Austin, TX region.
  • ***Please note our availability is always based on our team and current case load. ***

What we can not assist with

  • Found animals in the community. Please contact 311 or go to Austin Animal Center directly.
  • Missing pets that have not been seen for over a week
  • Wildlife - however, we can assist you by referring you to local wildlife experts, so please feel free to still call the hotline or email us.
  • Stolen animals - please refer to your local police department.
  • Cases outside of the Austin, TX metropolitan area


LOST Dog Protocol

LOST Cat Protocol

FOUND Dog Protocol

FOUND Cat Protocol

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    How to Help

    • Our organization is fully volunteer-operated so donations are vital to our continued work in the Austin community. We use donations for equipment, supplies, medical expenses for extreme cases and for our small foster program.
    • For alternative donation methods, please email:

    Media Inquiries

    Please contact us via email here.

    Interested in becoming a TRAPRS team member?

    • Contact us here.
    • Include a know a bit about yourself, any rescue experience (don't worry, we'll train you!) and the best way to reach you.